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Invitation Etiquette

Posted September 30, 2011

We’re so excited to be featured on to share some thoughts on manners and etiquette!  Check out the article written by Confections by Shara’s Paperie owner, Shara Danziger.  You’ll get some insight on the new age of digital communication and how that ties into today’s means of spreading the word.
Here’s a short blurb from the article…

Hilary Duff's Perfect Birthday Invitation

Posted September 28, 2011


Design of the Week- Sports

Posted September 26, 2011

It’s Monday, so that means it’s time for the Confections by Shara's Paperie design of the week. This sports design with a basketball, baseball and football is great for our design of the week. It really sets the tone for some outdoor fun. I would suggest for everyone to enjoy being outside this week before the weather turns cold on us.

New Product Sneak Peak

Posted September 23, 2011

Today, September 23, 2011, marks the first day of fall! With cooler weather approaching, warmer colors are needed when it comes to designing. Red, brown, orange and greens will be on our minds here at Confections.
In our last blog, we mentioned some popular colors from Pantone for the upcoming season.  Here’s a photo to show some of this year’s new trends…

Erase the Confusion in Your Life

Posted September 21, 2011

Do you need help keeping track of your child’s homework or after school chores? Our dry erase boards are great for making a quick note, reminder or shopping list. A personalized dry erase board is the perfect accessory for any room.
They are great for kids, too. Studying can be more fun when working out math problems or practicing spelling tests on a dry erase board. Also, they can be fun to draw on to entertain kids of all ages.

Design of the Week- Daisy Flowers

Posted September 19, 2011

From here on out, we will be sharing with you the Confections by Shara’s Paperie design of the week.  Each week will feature a design that is either appropriate for the week or just a cool design we want to share a story about.
I thought this design was great for this week because I am finally starting to notice orange and green leaves falling off of the trees. Get your rakes ready, folks; it’s about that time of the year. All I want to do is be outside now that the season is changing and the near 100 degree weather is departing.

99 Days Until Christmas!

Posted September 16, 2011

Get your shopping pants on; it’s getting close to the most wonderful time of the year! Today marks 99 days until Christmas, which means we are officially in the double digit countdown. If you have an ever-growing list of people to purchase for, you may need some great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.  A personalized gift is perfect for that special someone to show that you care this season.

A Fun Design Appropriate for this Week

Posted September 14, 2011

This upcoming weekend is always one I never forget.  September 19 is nationally recognized as Talk Like a Pirate Day. I learned this four years ago the hard way. My old college roommate and I were stopped by a camera crew and were prompted to speak in our best pirate accent. Embarrassingly, the two of us ended up on the nightly news speaking like pirates for the whole campus and college town to see.

Writing Thank You Notes

Posted September 12, 2011

Having personalized stationery is great for writing thank you notes. There are so many instances where writing a thank you note will be much appreciated and appropriate.  I’ve had several instances recently where I wrote thank you notes to friends and family after receiving graduation or birthday gifts.  Here are some examples of when to write a thank you note…
When you received gifts for:
Bridal or baby shower

‘Tis the Season…for Football

Posted September 9, 2011

College football is back, folks.  For all you fans out there, game days are fun and exciting times to spend with family and friends. A much needed item for hosting football fans are coasters.

Dress Your Devices

Posted September 7, 2011

With the first month of school in the books, children are busy with after school activities. Whether the kids are out playing sports or hanging out at a friend’s house, cell phones have become life savers for members of the household.  Keeping up with your children’s whereabouts can be more fun with a personalized cell phone case.

Enter for a Chance to Win...

Posted September 2, 2011


Don’t miss out on our back to school sweepstakes!  Check out Confections by Shara’s Paperie Facebook fan page to enter to win a personalized clipboard to celebrate going back to school.  If you’re not our fan yet, don’t worry; take a second to check out our page and you will see the entry form for the sweepstakes. For those who are already fans, click on the “New Tab 1” tab under our profile picture to find the entry form.