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Announcing Our New (Much Shorter) Domain

Posted August 2, 2011

Confections by Shara’s Paperie is excited to announce our new and improved website name…! Let’s face it, we have a really long company name and to type all that in is just too much. This shorter domain name will be easy to remember and quick to type.  The updated name is not the only new addition to our website; we have a fabulous new product to announce…magnetic dry erase boards.  Yep, a dry erase board that can also act as a magnet board.  Organization heaven! 

This new item is coming out at the perfect time. Magnetic dry erase boards are great for personalizing your to-do list, which can help make the school year start off right. Teachers always request specific school supplies and the magnetic dry erase board will help you remember these requests. Personalize your board with your name or initials to look great with the bright gloss finish that makes it easy to wipe clean. Once the school supplies are taken care of, next come activities. Keep notes about who goes where when and needs what when they get there. It’s much neater than having a thousand sticky notes posted around the kitchen. These boards are now posted under the personalized gifts section of our website… them out!



So, remember, these new items can be ordered off of our website  We have several more awesome ideas for future products, so, you have much to look forward to!