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April is National Card and Letter Writing Month

Posted April 8, 2011

Did you know that?  I have to admit that I did, of course I live my life working with paper and invitations so it makes sense that I do know.  What a great idea!  To take a month and really highlight the importance of writing a note or a letter.  Earlier in the week I wrote a blog post called "Manners, Etiquette and More" and this can just be a follow up.  Instead of singing the gospel of the importance of invitations I am shifting my focus to note writing.  When was the last time that you received a note in the mail?  Not a bulk mailing, not a bill but a lovely note from someone special?  If it has been recently then you know how wonderful it is to open the mail box and find that note sitting there. If you have not received one lately then you can start a trend by writing one.  

So what makes a lovely note?  First the stationery (which is spelled with an "ery", stationery is not stationary, pet peeve of mine).  Take any piece of stationery and hopefully it is monogrammed, personalized or even just speaks to your personality.  It doesn't have to be expensive, just something that you love.  The what to write part depends on the kind of note that you are writing.  If you are writing a love letter just write from your heart, there is really no right way or wrong way to do it.  A thinking of you note can say just that.  Write someone about a special memory that you have together. Just simply tell them you miss them. 

What about a thank you note for a gift?  Now here there are some definite right way and wrong ways to do things.  Bear with me while I climb on my soapbox here...

1. The note should always be sent promptly after a gift has been given.  I push my kids to get the notes out within a few days of the gift arriving.  They don't always succeed, but they do understand that it needs to be done in a timely fashion.  

2. In the body of the note make mention specifically of the gift.  For instance if you were given a toaster, mention how wonderful that toaster is.  How excited you are that it is a white toaster.  That you are starting to eay more toast because of this fab toaster.  Putting some detail in about the gift lets the giver know that you took the time to pay attention to what they gave you.  

3. Thank the giver for being a part of your event.  Thank them for coming to the wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, birthday party etc.  Let them know that you are happy to share the event with them, not just got the loot at the end.

Thank you notes take lots of other forms.  Thank you for an interview, thank you for your business, thank you for a donation.  The bottom line is that the receiver sees and hopefully appreciates that time that was taken to write the note.  

Letter and note writing is just not that hard. The art of writing notes is not lost, it just needs to be practiced a bit!  Those special people in our lives are worth the time and energy it takes to write that note, they deserve it. 


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