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Back to School!

Posted August 8, 2011


For most of us, today began the new school year.  Oh, how exciting it was to be young and reunite with classmates after the summer break! But, most of us are older now, so we must find other ways to enjoy the new school year.

A great item for a parent to begin the school year with is a personalized notepad.  I always brought my lunch to school, which sometimes involved my mom slipping a note into the bag to wish me a happy day.  Sure, this was typically when I was younger or else it just gets weird when you’re in high school. Regardless, it is a sweet way to talk to your child while they are at school. 

Also, let’s face it, kids get sick. This means they will have to skip school and hopefully receive an excused absence to be acceptable. A personalized notepad is perfect for communicating with teachers. By sending your child to the classroom with a handwritten note from mom, they will instantly get the explanation they are looking for.

Here is one of my favorite notepad designs...check out the rest of the designs under the paper accessories tab on!