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Christopher Columbus Could Have Used A Luggage Tag!

Posted October 10, 2011

This pink and black bird motif design on a luggage tag is a great choice for the design of the week! It is about time to start planning your travels for the upcoming holiday season and a luggage tag is the perfect item to accompany your belongings during the journey. This pattern has a pop of color that will allow you to recognize your suitcase, tote or bag easily.
The pink and black pattern is the perfect blend of class and fun.  The black and white background is elegant and tastefully designed, while the pink accent and floral design makes it cute and fun. If pink is not your color, the design is also available with a green, purple, red, yellow or blue accent. The black and white design looks great with any color.
This design is shown on a luggage tag, but it also available in a long list of other products!  Enjoy this pattern on a notepad, stationery set, dry erase board, clipboard or return address labels.  This is one of my personal favorites and I would love to have a whole set of products with this pretty design!
This luggage tag measures 2 ¾” x 4” and is double-sided. Each tag is made from durable plastic and comes with a plastic loop for easy attachment. They make great birthday gifts for kids and grownups alike.
Our fabulous personalized luggage tags with a pink and black bird motif pattern make your bags and suitcases easy to find anywhere. Our two-sided plastic tag measures 2 3/4" x 4" and are very durable and come complete with a clear plastic loop. Keep these in mind as birthday gifts for kids and grownups alike.  What a fun way to identify any bag or tote.  Diaper bag, gym bags, tote bags, gym bags, school backpacks, laptop cases…we can think of  lots of ways to use these!