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Posted April 11, 2011

April means many things to many people, but high school seniors and their parents it means it is almost graduation.  Back in the dark ages when I was in my senior year of high school I remember having a serious case of senior-ist in May.  Apparently according to some of my clients this problem starts much earlier.  We have been designing and printing graduation invitations for about 2 weeks now.  Seems that everyone is trying to get their party in before the big day.  I hear moms good naturedly complain about all the parties, gifts and festivities.  No question that it is a lot of comings and goings, however it only happens once so why not do it up big.  Now I say that as a mom of a 6th, 5th and 3rd grader, not a high school senior.  So very possibly I will change my tune when it is my turn to be the mom of a senior.  

Of course the other part of all these parties are the presents!  What we have seen is that personalized, functional presents are the way to go.  Everyone is watching their budgets so the presents that are being purchased are fun, unique and practical.  Things like dry erase boards which are perfect for dorm rooms, a great way to communicate with roommates.  Another big hit has been phone cases to make sure that your phone does not get mixed up with all the others around.  And then there is my all time favorite graduation gift, stationery.  Bear with me while I get on my pedestal pedestal and shout from the roof tops the importance of writing notes.  I won't be long winded since I did that last week on the blog post about National Card and Letter Writing Month. But what it comes down to is that a graduating senior should be writing a ton of these thank you notes. For presents that they have received.  To thank special teachers or administrators from their school.  As a way of acknowledging someone who has given them a party. Knowing how to write these notes will only serve them well when they get into college the "real world".

Now my 5th grader is graduating from elementary school this year.  She explained to me in no uncertain terms that her graduation is important too.  I guess she has heard me talk about all this high school graduation stuff that we have been doing.  When I asked her what she thought would be a perfect graduation present for someone like her, she had a clear and concise answer for me.  A personalized pillow case. Ok, so she is my kid and knows my products so I figured she was kissing up to mom.  When I asked her the reason that those pillow cases would be such a great gift she looked at me with this "oh come on Mom" look on her face and simply said "Camp."  Giving credit where credit is due that was a great idea from my daughter!  Something that already has the kids' name on it to send to less thing to have to label.  I have decided that she is a genius and that if I am smart I will let her do all of my marketing.