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Design of the Week- Celebrating Halloween

Posted October 24, 2011

We are one week away from Halloween, so what better than to show off some orange and black for the design of the week! Have you ever wondered about the origin of Halloween colors? Well, here’s a short lesson to inform you!
Orange is a prevalent color for autumn because of falling orange leaves and, of course, pumpkins. Also, the Celtics are credited for beginning this holiday, and they were often at war. To them, the color orange represented strength and courage in battle. This strength was also needed to gather food for the harvest, which was around the time of Halloween. None the less, they chose orange to represent this holiday.
The color black represents darkness and the absence of light, which represents this night time event of trick or treating. Traditionally, Halloween is celebrated after the sun goes down, so black is reminiscent of the holiday atmosphere.
These two colors go well together because they actually have quite opposite meanings and opposites attract! Orange is known for being a fun and social color. Some say adding this color in your home with promote lively conversations. Black, on the other hand, represents mystery and darkness. Combine these two colors and you have the perfect recipe for a Halloween night! This holiday is full of fun times but also has a scary connotation with frightening costumes and decorations.
So, maybe you were able to learn a little more about Halloween and its distinct color combination. Even though this is not a Halloween design, the colors are still very appropriate for the upcoming holiday! This melamine bowl will make any meal more fun. Each bowl is BPA free, dishwasher safe, brightly colored and are 20 ounces. They make great birthday, holiday or shower gifts!
Everyone loves to see their name in a bowl. Our personalized 20 ounce melamine bowls are brightly colored and dishwasher safe.