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Finding that Elusive "Perfect" Gift

Posted April 22, 2011


That Elusive Oh So Perfect Gift

When was the last time you received a perfect gift?  When was the last time that you gave someone the perfect gift?  What made that gift so special? Gift giving when you were a child was so easy.  You colored a picture, made some art project in school and the receiver was thrilled.  Gift giving as a grown up is a lot harder.  We get calls from clients all the time asking us to help them pick something out.  Over the years we have come up with a list of questions to help guide clients to finding that perfect gift.  Being that this time of year is filled with present giving opportunities…Mother’s Day, Graduation to name a few I thought that I would share our questions with you.

  1. What is the price range that you want to spend?  Knowing this right out of the gate will make shopping easier, figure out your budget and stick to it.  In the end you will be glad that you did.
  2. How close are you to this person?  This may seem like a funny question to ask, but think about it and it does make sense.  If you are buying something for a coworker a personalized sticky note cube might be the right answer.  It is personal in that it has their name, but not too personal in that it crosses any lines.
  3. Does this person have a color palette that you know that they like?  If somewhere wears muted tones most of the time then keep that in mind when buying for them.  Maybe they would like some stationery in those muted tones, but with a bit of color.  I wouldn’t buy anything bright fuchsia and green for someone whose favorite colors are brown and ecru.
  4. Where does the receiver of the gift like to spend their free time?  Are they a big outdoorsy person?  Love to cook or a closet writer?  Try to find a present that can be used during their leisure time or that speaks to their hobby. 
  5. Personalize, personalize, personalize.  Now admittedly I have a huge bias toward personalized gifts as evidenced by my business.  However, what partly started me on this business path was my love of seeing my name or monogram printed on something.  Then I got married and loved seeing my name and my husband’s name printed together.  After the kids came anything with their names on it became an instant favorite.  I think that as a rule people love to see their name or monogram on an item. Be it stationery, a cutting board, a clipboard whatever. I think it really shows that you went the extra step and got a gift with their name on it.  What could be more special than that?

Bottom line in gift giving, give something that you are proud to put your name on.  It shouldn’t come down to how much you spent or where the gift was bought from, it should always be the thought and time that you put into it.