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Fonts Help Make the Perfect Personalized Gift

Posted April 3, 2012

We are all about design around here at Confections.  Design that can be found in hues, tints, shades, colors, stripes, dots, flowers…the list goes on and on.  But part of what makes our designs work are the fonts, or typestyles, that we choose to work with for our personalized products.  The perfect font can make add the final touch to that great pattern.  And the wrong typestyle can take something that is so pretty and make it just awful.  So what makes a font work or not?  Here are some tips and tricks…

  1. When using a script font, don’t  use all caps.  That never looks good.  However all lowercase script can look elegant with a twist.
  2. When deciding on a font to use, think of the mood that you want to convey with it.  Are you creating stationery for an adorable little boy?  Look for something that has loose lines and not too much structure.  That will give that little kid feel.
  3. Block fonts can be clean and elegant.  Types can be broken into two categories, serif and sans serif.  Sans serif are the ones that have no tails on the letters.  Choose a sans serif for a more modern look.  Serif fonts have the tails on the letters, a serif font can look more classic and traditional. 

Here at Confections we love fonts (of course!) and adding new fonts into our selection is always fun.  For Spring we have added three new font choices…the hard part is deciding which is your fave!
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