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Fonts - We're Here to Help

Posted August 14, 2012

Have you ever had to create an invitation for a birthday, wedding or another celebration? One of the hardest things to pick once you get down to finishing is the font. What style should it be? Serious, fun, traditional? Script, sans serif, serif? Monogram or name? So how do you deal with the stress of having to choose a type face for that special occasion?
It's all so much to take in sometimes you just want to scream because there's too many options. But that is why there are people who are passionate about this very subject. Confections wants to make sure you leave happy with your decisions and we love to push you in the right direction of what would be the best styles for any pattern or look you're going for.
You are not in this fight alone. We're here to help if you can't decide on the perfect one font. Here are some examples of finished products with nice looking fonts to go with the occasion.
 Cell phone case with Monogram

Clipboard with Semilla