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Getting Organized

Posted August 28, 2012

A new spin on the phrases "Happy Pinning" and "Post it"
Do you ever find yourself getting tangled up in clutter? Don’t know what to do with all those stacks of papers you have on your desk? We may forget where we left a very important document, note, or card. There have been times when I wished I had somewhere to put special things that needed to be posted on the wall for me to remember them better.
Well, good news, there is something that allows you to physically post documents on and leave notes for members of your household to read: a magnetic dry erase board!

Use it for your office; it can help organize thoughts and ideas whether you’re a graphic designer or a professor. Use it at home; it’s great with keeping note of all the events coming up this year. Kids can even use it; they can have fun drawing, doodling, or even doing homework assignments. It's also a great way to brighten your surroundings!

Now this is something everyone in the family can put to good use.
Have fun decorating your room with a pattern you like from our list. Personalize it with your family name, or your monogram, for example, then choose a typestyle. 
Merry Magnetizing!!!