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How to choose the right Stationery for You

Posted September 27, 2012

Stationery has been around for centuries. Handwritten letters aren’t as common as they used to be, which is why they are appreciated so much more than an email these days. Friends, family, business associates, future employers and aquaintances are the best people to send handwritten letters to because they admire it more than a phone. A simple note says they were on your mind and they are important to you. Here are some tips to think about when stationery shopping.
Personalize The best way to choose stationery is to have it personalized. It can be something as simple as having your three initials or your name on the top of the letter if it is a flat card and on the front if it is a folded card. You can also personalize with color of the ink and paper as well. Here at Shara’s Paperie we offer the option to walk in, choose your paper (sometimes right off the shelf!), and envelopes and choose a color and type style for your stationery. Then we personalize it for you. Or you could order your stationery through us. 
Popular styles for the Header:
Embossed Stationery- An embossed style is when the letters are raised up from the surface of the paper. And blind embossed letters are for when your letters are the same color as the paper you chose and the letters are raised. The blind embossed is a popular and classic choice.
Thermography StationeryThermography is best described as the ink is raised on the paper, appearing that the ink doesn’t sink into the paper but yet the texture of the letters rest on top of the paper. That is what makes it different from embossed. With embossed the letters have been pushed up or raised up from the paper. It typically leaves a glossy finish on the letters. 
Letter Press Stationery- Letter press is what is sounds like it is, the letters are pressed into the paper. This is a popular choice as well. It's usually more expensive, but worth it because its appearance is impressive. The simple touch of letter press is pleasant and leaves an excellent quality impression on the person receiving the letter.
Folded or Flat Typically it is said that ladies use folded stationery cards and gentlemen use flat cards. However, flat cards are probably the most frequently used among the two. We get orders from men and women that want a flat card. Folded cards a great too and I would suggest choosing great patterns by Confections for a nice folded card or flat cards for women and girls. We also offer men's and boy's flat and folded stationery as well. 
To return or to not return, that is the question The decision is totally on you. If you typically expect people to send a letter returning to you it’s a great idea to include. If it stationery for business purposes, that is also a good idea to include a return address. However, it is common to not have the return address on the envelope as well. It's really 50/50.