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Ideas That Stick

Posted August 17, 2011


Sticky notes can serve as one of the most useful office or home items! Organization is key when it comes to remembering important tasks or appointments. A great way to write quick reminders for yourself is to use a sticky note cube.  They come in handy when making to-do lists for day to day activities and are great for dealing with the hustle and bustle of going back to school.


Sticky notes can be great if you need to do any of the following:

  • Remembering an appointment time and date
  • Managing after school activities
  • Jotting down a phone number
  • Making room for more desk space


Sticky notes are great for students, too. They can be used to mark pages in textbooks and leave notes on the important chapters to study. Then they peel off easily without damaging the book and they don’t leave those bad dog-ear folds at the top of the page. 

So, make your ideas stick! Check out our personalized sticky note cubes to begin de-cluttering your space. Our sticky notes come on a 3.5 inch cube and make for a cute way to dress up any office or counter space!  Personalize each cube with your name or initials all while choosing your favorite colors and pattern.  With 700 sheets of paper, you are sure to fulfill all your daily duties by writing quick reminders.

Here are some great sticky note cubes to dress up your desk!