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The Importance of Color

Posted August 15, 2011


We love color around here…picking colors for our Confections line is such fun! The human eye can perceive approximately seven million colors. Some people may not look past the colors the rainbow, but there are endless options of color. This makes being a designer full of adventure with so many color choices. Pantone comes out with color reports that are always exciting because they give us ideas on great color combinations or popular colors for the season. 

Here are a few fun facts about color statistics…

  • Test takers score higher and weight lifters lift more in blue rooms. 
  • Yellow evokes cheerfulness.  Houses with yellow trim or flower gardens sell faster.  
  • The most visible color is yellow.  
  • Pink enhances appetites and has been shown to calm prison inmates.

This goes to show that color does more than just appeal to the eye.  Color has the ability to affect mood, appetite and even test taking ability. Who ever thought that colors could be so powerful! This makes designing so fun because each color can bring its own meaning to a product.  

Most people learned ROY G. BIV in school to remember the colors of the rainbow.  But, it is now time to look past this minute color scale and look abroad to the seven million colors our eyes can perceive. So, take you favorite color and run with it.  You can make your favorite color more unique by selecting a specific shade to stand out among all the other blue lovers out there.