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Inspiration in the Form of...Anything!

Posted August 10, 2011


Working in a design oriented environment requires a constant stream of new ideas. With every request from a customer, we must bring something new to the table to make sure they receive something that is uniquely their own. That’s what makes our job so exciting because we always have new and exciting tasks to take on!

It is so fun creating new products for our website.  From home gifts to baby gifts to teens and parents, there is always a new idea coming to mind to design for. Our minds are racing right now just thinking of all the possibilities! So, stay tuned and you may see new and exciting products available on our website sooner than later.

It is great to walk through your day and get inspired no matter where you are. We get inspiration for our designs from anything and everything! I can walk through a grocery store and see flowers in a bright vibrant color and want to create a design in that color the next day at work.  I’ve come across different paper mache creations lately that are so incredibly cute I want to try to make them myself. However, I might be better off sticking to what I know and designing a similar creation on my computer.

These are some ADORABLE paper mache teacups that I recently came across.  Oh, how many great ideas these have provided for me!  Everyone can use inspiration in their life. So, even if you’re not a designer, you can still find joy in discovering something new and beautiful!