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It's All in the Details

Posted May 2, 2011


I spent yesterday evening watching a recap of the Royal Wedding with my 10 year old daughter.  We both very much enjoyed seeing the pomp and circumstance of the event.  Of course it was also fun to see the beautiful clothes and the hats…oh the hats!  One of the fun facts that came out during the broadcast was that each guest was given a 22 page handbook on suggested etiquette for the event.  Tips such as what type of dress would be appropriate for the men (apparently morning coats topped the list, I love morning coats) and suggested that women wear hats.  I just loved the fact that so much attention was paid to tradition, etiquette and detail.  And as those of you who have read my previous blogs know, I love etiquette.  But it started me thinking about what us common-folk can do to set the stage for our own events, both big and small.  In my opinion part of what made this wedding so fabulous were all the gorgeous touches.   Now admittedly the future King England and his bride did not have to worry about budget however the details were all there. 

So what are those details that make a party or a wedding so special?  Just a few ideas to start your mind going.

The Invitation.  The first glimpse into your event that your guests see is the invitation, so use it to set the stage.  Are you having a very formal evening wedding?  Then your wedding invitation should use the appropriate wording and a gorgeous and elegant font.  What if you are having a garden party?  Choose an invitation with beautiful colors and a design that reflects the outdoor location of your event. 

The Décor.  Sometimes (ok, a lot of times) we have to plan our events around a location that works for the budget, the time of year, the wishes of those involved.  But you can have influence over the décor.  For example, if you are having garden party, use flowers as centerpieces and potted plants to dress up the area.  If you are having a themed party, play it up and have fun with it.  We did an invitation for a Bat Mitzvah party based on “Wicked”.  The mom took a room in a venue and did a fabulous job playing up the theme.  Tablecloths and napkins were green, there were green m&m’s on tables along with greenery as the centerpieces.  She took her theme and ran with it and the result was wickedly good!

The Food.  This topic is a bit harder for me, I am not a foodie.  In fact  I can’t cook and can eat peanut butter and jelly every day of the year.  However, I have had the fun of working with clients on their parties and have heard some great ideas.  Little tips such as not having food that needs to be cut if you are having a cocktail party.  Think about it, it’s really tough to stand there and cut food neatly.  If you are having a dessert party offer a healthy choice like cut fruit instead of just cakes and cookies.  Keep in mind that your guests may not all like the sweet stuff.  Having an outdoor cookout?  Don’t just have beer, offer soda and water.  Such a simple thing to think about!

Hope these tips help make your event as special as any Royal Wedding.