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The Less Stressful Work Environment

Posted October 6, 2012

Hi all, Tiffany here,
We recently celebrated the 8 year anniversary of Shara's Paperie on October 2nd. This is my first year here to celebrate the anniversary. I remember when I was welcomed into this company (as marketing, PR and blogger) with an upbeat environment. The people I have the pleasure of working with are all so nice but there's another perk that keeps us all working diligently with a positive attitude and that is music.
We love to play upbeat music on Pandora Radio. As I have mentioned before, we love the Wicked Musical. Shara’s station plays anything from show tunes from Wicked, Mamma Mia and Rent to Glee to Creedence Clearwater Revival. And my stations play anything from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley to Adele.
Without the music, there would be dead silence in the store. Just the other day I had the music turned down low and as I was helping a lady at the register she said, “It’s a quiet day today. I can’t stand to have complete silence. It’s just something about silence that drives me crazy.” I completely agreed with her and as soon as I got back to my work station, I turned up the volume a bit because everyone enjoys the music, not just us. It’s better than silence.
Why is it important that you have a less stressful environment at work you may ask?
My answer: In this industry, creative and design, you cannot work under a lot of pressure with or without the client in front of you. In this industry you want to have something that inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. Not only that, but I find that if you do play music, which can be both relaxing and entertaining, it can make you work faster. But that’s only if you play music that gets you going, not slow you down.
What else can you do to create a less stressful environment?
If music is not an option, although it is one of the most welcoming to customers, you can also try to brighten up the place. Maybe you could add a splash of color to the walls, (our office is lavender).
If painting is not an option, posting pictures of your loved ones can bring a little bit of love and happiness from home to work. If they cannot be in a frame then try a magnetic board or pin them to a cork board. Drawings your kids make will definitely liven up a room too. 
How can these variables not get too distracting from work?
Well, what you want to keep in mind at all times is that you are indeed AT WORK and not at home. As long as you keep everything appropriate for your environment then you should be able to stay focused on what's important instead of boogying in your seat or singing along to every track! Everything that is there to help build a less stressful environment is there to relax your mind, not distract you ... then of course you might need to reconsider your variable. 
I hope you find a piece of happy to bring to work.
Keep in mind: Sometimes silence is better than noise.