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Oops, That’s Not My Suitcase

Posted July 15, 2011

Summer is now reaching its final month. When there is summer, there are vacations. However, not every trip can be a complete success.

Have you ever waited by the baggage claim and watched all of the similar looking black suitcases slide by one after the other?  Sometimes I’ve grabbed other people’s bags off the baggage claim not realizing it didn’t belong to me.  Similarly, I’ve seen strangers pull my suitcase off of the baggage claim as they frantically try to read the name tag.  I believe there are two options of making this black suitcase dilemma a non-problem: purchase a funky tie-dye or floral suitcase to make for easy identification, or, for a cheaper option, purchase a fun luggage tag.

As a little girl, I had a luggage tag with my name and a blue horse on it.  My suitcase never seemed to be the one that went missing. The tag allowed for a quick recognition of my black suitcase. Being now almost 15 years older, I no longer have this blue horse bag tag.  However, I know one could come in handy in several situations. 

When I was in kindergarten, my mother accidentally sent me to school with my brothers Jurassic Park lunch box. Therefore, my then third grade brother got to enjoy my pink, Little Mermaid lunch box for a day.  This did not go over well with him.  Even though these lunch boxes were obviously designed for different genders, I guess my mom got so frantic in the mornings that she needed a little extra help getting us kids off to school.  I bet if they had a name tag on them, or a bag tag, she would have been able to identify them a bit better.

I found that mixing things up in college was an issue, too.  My college roommate and I somehow managed to purchase the exact same laptop case. With rushing out the door for class a usual occurrence, of course the day came when we mixed up our laptop bags.  I spent the first hour of my class trying to figure out the password to log on to hers, and she sat through class with my laptop’s volume cranked up, unable to figure out the controls.

We all live busy lives these days.  With a million and one things on our to-do list, why not make at least one thing in our life easy?  Identification doesn’t seem like a difficult task, but when you mix up your little boy’s Jurassic Park lunch box with his sister’s Little Mermaid lunch box, you should reconsider the easiness of identification in this fast moving world we live in.

These are two of my favorite tags from