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Personalized Gifts Hit the Big Time!

Posted April 16, 2012

As a business owner I get to lots of fabulous and fun things. And ok, some days I get to do some not so fabulous and not so fun things. But back to the fun side, I did get to go to New York and the end of March to attend a party hosted by Pamela Pekerman called Accessories for Motherhood. Pamela is a well-known stylist and makes TV appearances all over the country.  Every few months she hosts a gifting party for the movers and shakers in the media world.  What is a gifting party?  I had no idea either, until I was asked to participate.  Basically Pamela and her team culls through tons of products and hand picks the best ones that fit into the theme of the party.  Confections was honored to be chosen for our personalized iPad cases
It was a big deal to be chosen, so of course I had to fly to NYC to attend the party.  Big night!  I got to meet some fabulous people like Audra Lowe from BetterTV, Timberly Whitfield, Lauren Dimet Waters and Jenn Falik just to name a few.  Morover I watched Pamela present our cases and give a glowing review of them.  Needless to say I was beyond excited about the whole thing. 
Now lets be honest the reason to participate in these events is to help spread the Confections love.  Audra from BetterTV told me to keep my eyes open because she is brining the case to the set.  There has been a blog post from Lauren at Second City Style.  As we send more personalized iPad cases out to celebs and media people alike we will let you know.  But keep your eyes peeled, you never know where you will see one of our fabulous personalized gifts!
Some of the cases we sent for you to see!
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