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Personalized iPad Case Saves the Day

Posted April 30, 2012

I can think of a hundred reasons why a personalized gift from Confections is the best kind of gift.  Shows forethought, effort and consideration for the person you are giving to.  It is personal, thoughtful and makes any gift that much more special.  But I never thought a personalized gift would save the day.  One of our clients ordered a personalized iPad case for a friend as a birthday present.  She knew that the personalized case would be well received and that her friend would be thrilled, which of course she was.  Fast forward to a few weeks later and the recipient of the iPad case was travelling through JFK airport and it was a mob scene.  In all the chaos that was going through security she got separated from her iPad.  She searched for it, to no avail.  But then she heard an announcement…”would the owner of the iPad with the name Julie on the case please return to security.”  Yep, because she had the personalized iPad case from Confections the she was able to get her iPad back.  What a great story!  So in addition to all the aforementioned reasons why a personalized gift is great, it can also save the day.  Now don’t you think you should order a personalized iPad case for your iPad?
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