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Personalized Magnetic Dry Erase Board for Spring Cleaning

Posted March 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the first day of spring! With this weather we would have thought spring started two or three weeks ago with all of this warm weather we are getting around here. But, with the coming of the new season, I’m sure many of you will take on the giant task of spring cleaning. Maybe you can recruit some family members to help out with this to lighten your load a bit.
Spring cleaning is celebrated all over the world, with some people saying it originated in Iran, Scotland, Egypt and more. So, we aren’t completely sure on how it all began, but it surely has stuck around over the years.
One way to clean up the house is by getting rid of cluttered desk spaces. A great way to get rid cut down on desk space is by having a personalized magnetic dry erase board. This product not only helps keep your area clean, but is also a stylish accent to your wall. They are a great way to hang photos or jot down quick notes or grocery lists. Forget having receipts and notes lying all around your kitchen or office space. With the board having a magnetic backing, you can post multiple receipts on there securely.
Our design of the week this week is only fitting to show on a personalized magnetic dry erase board. This pink, purple and lime pucci pattern is such a cute pattern for a girl’s room. With such a pretty design, maybe she will be inspired to spring clean her bedroom. Don’t forget, these personalized white boards come in three different sizes to fit your taste. 
Our framed pink, purple and lime mod pattern personalized magnetic dry erase boards are the perfect organization station!

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