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Personalized Stationery for Any Occassion

Posted January 18, 2012

I recently started to clean out my room to paint furniture, and I came across so many old handwritten notes that brought a smile to my face. Some of these dating all the way back to my middle school years. Surely most of you can relate to the constant days of note passing in class all the way through high school. Even though these were written on wide ruled paper, I still felt the need to save these notes as keepsakes, and boy am I glad that I did. As I read through these (and had to unfold the crazy folding techniques I used to know), I sat there laughing at how ridiculous my old friends and I were and also recounted old vacations and happenings that my friends and I talked about. It was so fun to reminisce, and that is why handwritten notes are so awesome!
Handwritten notes can also play a very important role in remembering loved ones. In my home, we have handwritten notes from lost loved ones framed to have something to reference about the way they spoke.
This day and age, people are all about social media and keeping in contact via the internet. Sure, they are fun and addicting sites to use, but you can play phone tag all you want or read emails over and over but they wont be the same as a note that someone took the time to write out.
I would love to encourage you to write someone a handwritten note sometime soon! You really don’t even need a special occasion to do this, just say hello and catch up with a friend or family member. Personalized stationery sets are a great way to start getting back in the habit of writing letters. Check out our Stationery tab on our Confections website to browse through our collection. The card posted below is just one example!
This brown and teal ornate pattern on a personalized note card will always be in style.