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So, Please, oh Please...

Posted October 18, 2012

“So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall.” 
Roald Dahl

It has come to my attention that as we get older we start to go into a force of habit and do what everyone else around us is doing. But I have also noticed that the people who stick out of a crowd are those who separate themselves from the ordinary. Everyone is super glued to either their television or their phone, if not both! And I suppose everyone is guilty of using the two but I do believe what Dahl is trying to say here is that we should spend more time growing our imagination a little more instead of sitting, watching and having time escape our lives, dismissing good old fashioned entertainment. We have become dependent on technology that we have forgotten what we love to do with our hands, our eyes, our minds and our hearts. 
Don't get me wrong! I'm not bashing technology. It's an improvement on how we live. We just shouldn't forget that there are things like pens, paper, books (not the electronic kind of course), and crafts to be used instead of emails, kindles and TV. Writing a personal, handwritten letter is often times more impressive than writing an email. Books come in hardcover and paperbacks instead of on an electronic device. TV and movies are not as entertaining as books. In fact, I’ve never met anyone who said they liked the movie more than the book. It didn’t matter what book they read.
There are many things to do at home with the ones you love besides fighting over what to watch tonight, that is if everyone in the house doesn’t already have a flat screen and cable in their room! There are many opportunities to create fun things for the family to get involved in. You can make your own family scrap book. Decorate/redecorate a room in the house together. Cook together. Since the holidays are right around the corner, there are Halloween projects to be done, like pumpkin carving and decorating for Halloween. Then dive right into Thanksgiving centerpieces and decorations for each member of the family to make. The little ones love helping coming up with ideas for these holidays too! There are so many more ideas. Look up some do-it-yourself ideas on Pinterest to get some ideas for your home. 
So in other words, television is time consuming and can easily take up most of our time when we could be doing things that can grow our imagination and devote spending time with the ones you love. Try not to let the best things in life slip by!