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Spice Up Your Technology

Posted March 5, 2012

I experienced a gasping moment yesterday. I’m sure we have all seen someone drop an iPhone on the regular. That can take your breath away for a second, but most people have protective covers on their phones these days. However, yesterday was the first time I saw an iPad be dropped! Luckily the device seemed to survive without a case, but it was a close call on a hard wood floor.
This is why I am having our design of the week be presented on a wonderfully crafted iPad folio case! These cases fold over to cover both sides of the iPad and provide a soft covering just in case the iPad takes an accidental dive. They will also allow for a higher survival rate over an uncased device.
This purple, pink, green, blue and yellow floral and spiral pattern has many pops of color to welcome the upcoming spring season. This is a very festive design to brighten up your iPad. Add a name or monogram for a personal touch and you’ll have the perfect case to prevent scratching and cracking on your device. Not only are they stylish, but they are also leave room for your headphones to plug in to be fully functional.
So, be careful with your technology! Having to replace or fix screens can be a pricey act. A personalized cover seems to be the perfect solution to prevent this from happening!
 Our purple, pink, green, blue and yellow flowers and spirals on a personalized iPad folio case is the perfect accessory to dress up your device