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What Does a New iPhone 4s Need? A New Personalized iPhone Case!

Posted October 14, 2011

Are you thinking about purchasing the new iPhone 4s? Or, maybe you are a lucky one who already has this amazing new product. With so many awesome capabilities, you need to protect that phone with your life! What does a new iPhone 4s need? A new personalized iPhone case!
Have no fear, our line of Confections personalized iPhone cases fit the new iPhone 4s! If you already have one of our cases, just switch it right on over to your new phone and it will fit like a glove. Or, maybe you’re like me and haven’t joined the rest of society and don’t have an iPhone (or even a smart phone for that matter!). Put it on your Christmas list this year and have the personalized case be a stocking stuffer.
This red, blue and white daisy pattern phone case displayed below offers tough protection while looking fabulous!  For your iPhone, a silicone skin surrounds your phone completely, absorbing all impact and shock. Wrapped around the skin is a tough, ABS plastic shell, which completely secures your iPhone and adds another level of protection. For the Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S phones and iTouches we offer the tough, hard to break plastic. Each case is designed and heat printed so there is no fading or rubbing off.
A personalized phone case is the perfect way to protect your phone all while dressing up your device with a cute design. The hardest part is choosing which design is your favorite!
This red, blue and white daisy pattern phone case offers tough protection while looking fabulous!