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What Movies Can Teach Us About Life

Posted November 15, 2012

Have you ever felt like you’ve been faced with a challenge and you don’t really know what to do? You can find inspiration in the smallest things sometimes to give you the push you need to make you realize something about yourself you never knew. Like how strong, independent and wonderful you are and how special and unique you make others’ lives. This quote came from a movie I’ve loved as a kid. It’s an inspiring movie that empowers women to do what they want, despite overcoming obstacles, to make a difference that impacted their generation.

The coach (Tom Hanks) was right. If you have a passion for something that not everyone is doing, you set the limits. Keep doing it; get stronger at it, even if it is hard. You do not want to give up on something that you love just because you’re struggling with it a little. Why? Because if you give up, one day you’ll look back and regret missing out on what you once loved. You’ll spend your entire life wondering what if...What if I tried a little harder each day, each hour, what if I didn’t give up, where would I be, how far would I have gone? Go with your gut and do what you love! If what you love is challenging at times, remember you're great and keep trying and never give up! 
Take Care.