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What a Personalized Gift Can Do

Posted April 10, 2012

The special thought that goes into a personalized gift has never been lost on me.  So therefore I started a whole company that specializes and focuses on those types of presents.  Needless to say everyone in my family who has a birthday, anniversary or any holiday gets a personalized gift.  Over the years my family has received just about every gift we have.  They are also good guinea pigs for when we introduce a new product. 
One of my favorite people to give personalized items to was my husband’s elderly aunt, Aileen.  Every birthday I came up with a new design on stationery or notepads for her.  Always paper and always in shades of purple which was her favorite color.  As her birthday came around I thought about personalizing something else, and then she would tell me how she couldn’t wait to get her new stationery for that year.  You can imagine how much of it she accumulated over the years.
When my children (her great nieces and nephew) started attending sleep away camp she would write them through the session.  And my kids being my kids knew that the stationery that she was writing on was from Confections.  At the end of each summer camp session in the midst of doing the never ending laundry I would find the letters that the family had written.  Each letter and note I would carefully save and put into a box with the year on it.
About 3 weeks ago Aileen passed away at the not old enough age of 82.  As with anyone’s passing it was very hard for the family, and of course on my kids.  After the funeral we were at Aileen’s house reminiscing and my son went into Aileen’s office.  What did he find?  Stationery and notepads all in purple, all from Confections.  He asked if he could have it.  When I asked why he said because he could keep them and always remember that was the paper that Aileen used to write him at Camp.  Of course he could keep it, it is now safely in his room. 
Personalized gifts are always wonderful because they show the recipient that you took extra time and care.  But the flip side is that the recipient can use that gift when they do for others, like writing letters on personalized stationery to kids at summer camp.  Of all the things that my son will remember Aileen by, those notes are what stood out to him the most.  What a lovely legacy to leave.  Thank you Aileen.