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Why it's worth Personalizing your Invitations

Posted September 20, 2012

Are you or do you know someone who buys their invitations from a super store or major retail shop at your local mall? If so, I have one question for you: Have you ever considered getting them customized to fit the occasion?
When you sit down and talk to a professional about what YOU WANT in an invitation for that special occasion, you feel more important and they work with you to see how to make it happen and to make it special.
If you have a special event coming up and you are inviting a decent number of people, then that would be a perfect reason to go to a shop that handles personalized invitations that will customize every detail for you. Confections does that plus more and we are here to help. For example, let’s say your daughter is having her first baby. It would be a surprise to all of her loved ones to open up a beautiful baby blue or baby powder pink invitation to announce her baby’s arrival and shower details. That baby shower invitation will be a keepsake token of that special moment in her life.   
Here is an example for a great reason to customize your invitations would be for a wedding. Simply adding your personality to the invitation can make a huge difference and makes wedding invitations so much more personal and special for the couple as well as the guests. We recently had a wonderful client who knew what she wanted and knew she wouldn’t be able to find it in stores. She is getting married in Mexico and invited a selected number of close friends to be a part of it. She wanted her invitation to look like a passport. We included information such as date, time, and place on the inside as well as the RSVP response letter, which looked like and shaped like an actual postcard from Mexico. We turned her dream into a reality. With an invitation like that you could top any invitation you've ever seen. 
The couple had a passport theme invitation where the details on the date, time and place for the event were on the inside and the what looks like a postcard from Mexico (in this case) with the return address is actually the RSVP card.

NOTE: If you are having a special event coming up:

  1. The sooner you order the better. That way you can allow time for processing, mailing and sending the invitations out all in enough time to not have a rush.


  1. Don’t force yourself to have an idea or complete plan. You are not alone. Most of the time people come in and not know what they want and leave   accomplishing the task of putting together an entire invitation. Leave it to the pros to help you strike an idea to help you get started.


  1. Creating the prefect invitation does not have to be a one day process! So there's no pressure to rush, forget something or choose something you're not happy with. Take your time, get it all correct and you'll be much happier you did. 

Occasions to personalize your invitations for: Weddings, parties, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, showers, funerals and anything else that is special to you!