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Writing Thank You Notes

Posted September 12, 2011

Having personalized stationery is great for writing thank you notes. There are so many instances where writing a thank you note will be much appreciated and appropriate.  I’ve had several instances recently where I wrote thank you notes to friends and family after receiving graduation or birthday gifts.  Here are some examples of when to write a thank you note…
When you received gifts for:
Bridal or baby shower
Any of the following occasions:          
After job interviews
After being hosted as a houseguest
When a friend helped you out in a time you were in need
With so many opportunities to write notes, why not get a fabulous stationery set to get started writing? Notes are certainly not a requirement for those listed above, but are definitely a nice gesture to make anyone appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Take a look at our personalized stationery and check out the options for the misses and mister.
Here is a cute design for us to THANK YOU for reading today!